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Advisor Email Newsletter NO POSTAGE COST!

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There are four great ways to rapidly build a list of senior email addresses in your area. Then you can drip on them for just $59, month after month after month.
The email version of the SeniorFinances Automated Newsletter is the tool.
Each month, you can have seniors receive your email newsletter (you select the articles from a library of dozens of FINRA reviewed articles). At the end of each article is a hyperlink to click so they can get more information. These emails for information come right back to you. Each email identifies the exact article the readers were interested in so you can tailor your response appropriately. Financial services email marketing made easy!

The email newsletter is personalized for you with your picture and contact information. You can also add up to 255 characters of personalized information.

We do the emailing for you. Your cost is a flat $59 a month for sending up to 1000 copies of the newsletter.
How to Find Email Addresses of Seniors for Your SeniorFinances E-mail Newsletter & FAQs
There is NO other advisor doing this in your town because most advisors don't know how to use email and the Internet to make money. They put up a web site and think that people will find it. This is your opportunity to develop a digital-age marketing system to become well known among thousands of seniors in your area for a tiny cost.

Questions? See the FAQ tab at http://www.advisor-newsletter.com/ or give us a call at 866-4-JAVELIN, option 4. This is the smallest investment you will make for the biggest payoff in your business.

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Important note: This product is not covered under our guarantee program.
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